Control Panels (Varco)
Commercial Panels
Plad is involved in the design, engineering and manufacturing of industrial and commercial type control panels. For other markets, such as the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s division, Plad offers engineering and programmation from engineers and specialized technicians to provide O.E.M control panels for different market, such as;
- Pump/Vacuum Motor control panel.
- Theater type control panel.
- Hospital Vacuum type panels.
- Industrial type Compactor panels.
- Compressor and Ventilation panels for the H.V.A.C market.
- Aerator panels.

Industrial Panels
For the industrial division, Plad design, manufactures and sells sophisticated industrial type control panel under specific customer specifications. Many type of control panels are offered by Plad, not limited to the following;
- Fixed speed motor control panels for the ventilation / compressor market.
- Variable speed drive motor control panels for all type of markets.
- P.L.C intelligent control panels c/w programmation.
- Industrial constant torque type control panels, such as conveyer panels and /or positive displacement pump panels.
- All type of industrial panels use.

Municipal Panels
Plad, also, manufacture hi-quality motor control panels for the municipal market. These state-of the art control panels provide hi-efficiency and perfect reliability to meet the requirements for the following type of municipal applications;
- Fixed speed motor control panels.
- Variable speed drive motor control panels.
- P.L.C type control panels.
- Communication and data acquisition panels.
- Telemetry and alarm panels.

Golf Course Irrigation Pumping System
Plad Equipment, also design and manufactures golf course irrigation pumping system control panels featuring the following conceptual characteristics;
- Variable speed drive package.
- Soft starters and all type of reduced voltage motor starters application.
- Communication and data acquisition panels.
- Aerator panels c/w ground fault indicator.
- Fertigation and metering panels.
- Deep well motor control panels.
- GPM for Windows software ready.

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